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What Is DenVantage?

DenVantage Is Our In-House Dental Savings Plan

What makes it unique is that it was developed by dentists to actually benefit their patients. The inception of this plan was from a group of general dentists out of Maine, who had watched how dental insurance plans were robbing patients of their actual dental care needs. Over the years, insurance plans have migrated from being an adjunct in helping pay for dental care, to plans that dictated treatment. These plans started to implement what is commonly known as LEAT (least expensive alternative treatment).

What this meant is if a patient suffered a tooth loss, a removable (flipper device) might be the alternative treatment that an insurance company would pay for rather than the preferred bridge or implant option. As this treatment process became more common, it was time to find an alternative for patients looking for comprehensive care which was simple and easy to understand.

Are You a New Patient?

If you are reading this as a potential new patient, we ask that you make your initial appointment with the diagnostic radiographs and comprehensive exam. Once we review your clinical information from the examination, we can then determine what plan is most appropriate for your needs. You will pay an initial sign-up fee which is a one-time charge to establish the plan with DenVantage. After that, you are a member of the plan. No waiting period which is common with standard insurance!

We as dentists believe strongly that preventive care for patients is the best approach to providing dental harmony for the patient’s overall health. The plan is very simple, covers patients’ preventive and maintenance care, and provides a flat discount on all other procedures*. When comparing the “benefits” of dental carriers one can simply see that what you pay in premiums equals or is more than what you get in “benefits”. That’s simply why insurance companies for medical and dental care are the absolutely most profitable companies out there!

Obviously, not all patients’ needs are created equally, so when it came to preventive care, we simply take the current patient’s recare program and adapt it to the membership fee. A patient who has no periodontal needs, and is a basic cleaning would buy into our plan for two preventive cleanings and radiographs a year. Alternatively, a periodontal-treated patient would buy into a plan that would cover the periodontal maintenance visits as recommended by the dentist. Based on patient need a set fee is established and that is how our monthly membership payment is computed. Also included is an emergency or palliative visit for situations that a patient has an issue to be addressed.

Ready to Take Advantage of DenVantage?

At Filler Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing personalized care while meeting your dental needs. Our friendly team works hard to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere so you never have to worry about your next visit. Allow us to warmly welcome you to Filler Family Dentistry! Schedule your initial appointment today and embark on a journey to optimal oral health.

No Deductibles!

Another advantage to our program is that, unlike traditional insurance, there are No Deductibles. There are No Waiting Periods and most importantly you decide along with your dentist, what is the best care option for you. No more insurance-driven administrators who lack dental education telling you what is necessary for your treatment! You and the dentist make the final decisions. Additionally, there are No Downgrades and arbitrary contractual rules that prohibit the dental overage that you need. There are No plan maximums either and No six-month rules or pre-existing clauses that standard insurance plans dictate. Our plan is simply easy to follow and easy to understand!

Membership means just that. You are buying into a yearly membership, which starts on the day you sign up. At the end of that time, you simply buy into a new membership with the current rates. If for some reason you move and cannot complete your agreement, then DenVantage computes what you are due for care and what you have fulfilled in membership payment. You can always re sign up, at no extra charge. We won’t threaten you with disallowing you to purchase our insurance just because you want to change (current policy of most large carriers).

Last but not least there are No surprises! You know what you need and what it will cost at the onset!



*no discount on retail items like electric toothbrushes, water flossers, or whitening and oral hygiene products.

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